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TSP – Come Find Us | Mantana to the fullest

I just finished watching Toy Soldier Production’s new movie Come Find Us. The film has been shot 100% in Montana and features all young, up and coming, progressive riders. There is a lot of park footage considering they’re hailing from an area with some of the best powder in the world, but it’s easy for me to say that while sitting here on the EC with our limited resources. It’s surely the best park skiing I’ve ever witnessed.

Check out the Trailer….

Mantana – The Introduction

Alpine-Live contributor and team skier Casey Denning left the EC last month to head back to MSU, in the meantime he has been enjoying Yellowstone National Park and Montana’s natural beauty. There has been a few snow events up high in the Bridger mountain range (located ~40 minutes off-campus) but nothing significant yet.
In the off season Casey is a very passionate fly fisherman. On Saturday (Sept. 25) he ventured into Yellowstone in search of river trout – he got what he came for and then some. He encountered an elk stampeed – almost being “gored” by one himself…he unsettled an old and dying buffalo on the riverbed…had a gripping close encounter with a grizzly bear and managed to catch a 17-inch monster cutthroat river trout. Casey fortunately survived and still had time to take these photos of his fetch. We’ll be catching up with him and his crew on a weekly basis from Bridger Bowl, MT via GoPro and photo stills. ENJOY!