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‘Cane Season | 6.28.11

The last big swell that rolled through was a couple weeks ago – and I have been scouring through my HD for the rest of the footage from that weekend. These were some of the better shots & clips that the search produced. I’m also currently working on some new sticker & tshirt designs as well so keep an eye for those and STAY TUNED!

Sunset | 6-26-11 – The Birds | 6-27-11

Got lazy and didn’t use my tripod tonight, also didn’t have an SD card with me so I had to borrow a 1gig which equates to 36 photos in RAW+JPEG format. With everything being digital lately and technology coming along so quickly it’s easy to forget how much more difficult it was to get a great shot on film cameras.


All In A Days Work | June 25, 2011

Today was awesome — I got to poach the new Hampton bowl with the boys, shoot Paul O absolutely tearing the thing to pieces and then shoot Stevie O down south in head high surf. And all after I got outta work, take a second and check out Andy’s photography from out west down below this post. We’re really stoked to see more work from him, STAY TUNED!


Decided to check out Glacier National Park on my trek out west. Going-To-The-Sun road is still closed due to the massive amount of snow they received this year, plowing is still in progress. Sitting in Missoula now stealing some internet for this post. These are two of the shots I got in the park.


Pretty hard to follow Lucas’s act from yesterday…few shots from the park with my 35mm.


Here’s a few photos from Newburyport, MA the other day – super fun and some sunshine never hurts. This was my first try with some of the sequencing – which is a work in progress.

Summer Fly | 6-16-11

Footage from the other morning, I will mention Andrew caught another 8 striper this AM on a fly rod.

…And a quick reminder that Summer is here.
Also, Happy Fathers day to all the amazing Dads out there. Thanks for everything.


Stripers are in thick, got an early start this morning with Andrew Whitney – by 7:30am he had snapped his rod and caught 7 fish total. More to come….