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Surf | 12-28-11 – Continued



Stay tuned, tons more photos and some impressive video clips to be released shortly!

Altaholic | Dec. 27, 2011

I may be an Altaholic. Even though the conditions weren’t the best today, I can already tell I will be back to experience the Alta peaks again and again. The clouds started rolling in early & the wind picked up, but seeing that it was our last day riding in Utah – we charged it anyway. The snowpack or lack there of restricted our access to the gnar, but we did our best to find some worthy snow. Figures that the day we head back east, the forecast for Utah is looking up..

Snowbasin | Dec. 26, 2011

The search for snow continued today at Snowbasin, but one member short. My sister caught a flight to Costa Rica this morning to make the most of her vacation, while ma dukes and I hit up Snowbasin to poach some powder & catch some core shots from the rocky backcountry. While on the gondola I spoke with a Vermont native, who is working as a ski patrolman at the resort, he told me that this has been the slowest winter for snowfall in the last twenty years; insert sad face. One thing that did make me smile, was this hyperactive dog constantly running circles in the truck ahead of us. The short 40 minute ride to the mountain (compared to the usual 3hr hike to VT) was a welcome change & full of surreal mountain scenery. Today was sick, but I’m stoking for Alta tomorrow!

Christmas Day | Canyons

Spent big baby Jesus’ birthday over at Canyons with the fam enjoying the day, some fun five star corn, and the occasional roped-off powder field. I even got ma dukes behind the camera for a few shots today which turned out pretty well. After a full day we headed back to the spot for a laid back night, with some awesome Christmas pizza & tasty brews. Merry Christmas everyone & pray for snow!

Day Two

Day two started early, especially after hitting the High West Distillery for some primo whiskey & grub the night before. Spent most of the day over at Deer Valley where the sun was out in full force (not helpful for my hangover) & so were the crowds for some pre-Christmas laps. That didn’t stop us from poaching some nice boot-deep powder off piste. The snow was pure Wasatch fluff, where you could find it. But as the day wore on; the crowds diminished, and so did the stamina in my legs. Before hitting the hot tub for a much needed soak, I got a hold of santa for some apres ski action. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you, from all of us at Alpine Live!


Flew into Salt Lake City last night, just in time for one of SLC’s fabled sunsets was a pretty damn good start to my Utah trip. Today we hit Park City Resort – but with the lack of snow Utah’s seeing this season, and no storms in sight, we stuck to the groomers and ducked a few ropes to find some real snow. Either way I was just stoked to see some snow, get to ride, and of course some Apres. My sister and mom both have a twinge of altitude sickness; needless to say I went out solo and have a ton of footage from the first day alone, so an edit will be a little farther out – but here’s some shots & shenanigans from my first couple days in Ootah.


Waiting for snow sucks…butttt it looks like there may be some white flakes in the forecast. It’s currently snowing up north intermittently and Jay Peak is reporting 5″ overnight – 10″ in the last 48 hours. While we wait for the first big storm of the season to roll through, check out some of our best shots from last season.