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Monday Night

Some fun surf came through the wall this evening, take a look…

Yoga Lady and Lady Slippers

There were a few waves this morning, the beach was really humid and muggy – I didn’t even see the sun til’ sometime around 1pm. When I pulled up I saw two things, a waist high wave that looked really fun.And this woman, who obviously wanted everyone to see her super yoga techniques or cross fit or whatever she’s doing. Please, keep it up – all 119 longboarder fellas from our neighbors to the North were really enjoying it. I really enjoy taking landscape photos like sunsets and wide angle ocean shots but I rarely find myself shooting macro images like this one below. This is a close-up of a flower called the Lady Slipper – it was once thought to be extinct but is now protected from team rider Casey Denning and a 20″ brown trout from Hebgen Lake in Montana.

We save the best for last — Lucas has been capturing some amazing sunset photography lately, pretty stoked he caught a few of this guy fishing down in Salisbury, MA.

Striper Season

Well the waves have been terrible recently but the fishing has been pretty stellar (we hear).

Spring Verses | Part 10

The final episode…..currently working on a name for the next series, send over suggestions if you have any!

May 24, 2011

Finally a nice day, another surprise 6 second swell came through this morning and it turned into a solid afternoon. The Wall was chest high, pretty peaky and variable wind – we saw a few of these type swells towards the end of last summer….the wall gets real peaky and hollow on the incoming tide, take a look.
Lucas also got out today and shot some amazing sunset photos – summer is almost here!

May 25, 2011

We all had some leftover photos lying around that needed to get posted…mixture of everyone’s work.

Casey Lockwood

I really liked the shot with Casey on the left – this is taken from the Linky’s parking area over towards the overflow area. It almost looks like Casey is surfing Linky’s in the right hand photo but it’s not Linky’s.

Flash Back | November 12, 2010

It’s been super rainy and gross out lately and there hasn’t been any real opportunities for shooting so I’ve been looking through old pictures and footage. A lot of organization was in order, I’ve got a few hard drives that are just out of hand unorganized and it needed to be done at some point. I put together this image from November 12, 2010…we had an awesome hurricane season last year and we’re stoking for some more tropical swell this Fall.
I’m hoping that ESM will run a few of the photos from last week, we’ve had quite the Spring so far.