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Hype Fever | April 25, 2012

After a long week of speculation and anxiety, the wind finally switched and the right spots turned on. We had heard from the grapevine and seen some photos of this particular spot from the day before and it looked really good. After another blown sunrise attempt up in Maine and a long time in front of the webcam, we went for it. This video is an account of the afternoon, April 25, 2012. Short and sweet, enjoy!

Fischer Freeride Team Silverton, CO Trip

This past March I had the amazing opportunity to visit Silverton, Colorado and film with the boys from Fischer Skis. We were expecting some really warm conditons with a freeze-thaw each morining but were pleasantly suprised to find some soft stuff, all thanks to our amazing guide Alex Hunt. We did have some technical difficulties, what would a ski trip be without something going wrong?

All and all, lots of fun and a huge learning experience for me. Got to shoot with some high end Canon HDSLRs, met the town wolf-dog, traveled the ice boot pack at 13,000ft and got crispified by the sun but it was incredible none-the-less. Thanks to Matt Berkowitz over at Fischer for getting me involved and all of the atheletes for being so patient with us. Have a look at what I came up with….

Winter Ain’t Over Yet

It’s been a long time since I posted, lots of action in March ending with a fun trip to Silverton Colorado with the Fischer Skis Freeride team. Awesome group of guys and a very special town, hoping to have a post up by mid-week with a video.

It looks like a small storm will bring snow above 2000ft to the White Mountains and Northern Green Mountain spine through Wednesday. Not sure what the conditions look like above 2k but I’m guessing very, very thin.

We saw a fun little swell this week, I got a chance to try out some new gear and work out the kinks. The wave in the foreground is one of my favorite waves on earth, it’s where I learned to surf and it’ll almost always be my first spot check. Everyone needed a few waves to keep from going insane, it’s been a while since we saw anything surfable.

On another note, I missed an epic sunset tonight. I’ve been working on the Silverton edit night and day, I saw the colors from my window around 7:15 and raced down to the beach to find a last minute vantage point, sure enough I blew it — 20 minutes too late. It may have been one of the most vibrant sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. Here’s a shot I took in the last few moments of light.