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Lightning Storm | June 22, 2012

Looking like we may see some more small scale surf the next few days, keep your fingers crossed!

This past week I incidentally ran into a pretty wild lightning storm on my way home, I hadn’t taken any photos in a few days and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to try some long exposure stuff. After a few attempts at getting the clouds and the Hampton Beach lights in the frame, I decided to try shooting the lightning bolts. Lightning photography doesn’t require long exposure but instead a faster shutter to stop the lightning bolts as they strike. This was a particularly extensive undertaking as it turns out. I ended up trying to use the Reverse ND filter then putting it away, fussing with the ISO sensitivity then turning it back down to 100 (where it will forever stay)….and finally turning off the RAW photo processing, leaving me with FINE JPEG format photos. As any Lightroom user may know, it’s extremely painful getting photos your happy with when not in RAW format. All and all, I shot 1300 shutter clicks this particular evening, this isn’t the best practice regarding shutter lifetime but timing is everything with lightning and it’s almost impossible without continuous photo mode.

The picture below shows the Northern end of North Beach with the wall to the right.

BELOW: Lightning Over Rye Rocks

BELOW: Lightning flash at North Beach

We have a few projects that are close to their final cut stage, keep an eye out for a Snap Infusion Energy Candy commercial and a video project for The White Mountains Attractions Association. Soon to be released! Please contact us for any photo/video inquiries :

The Yakovleff Project | Teaser

Some fun little waves came through this weekend, looks like it’ll stick around through the morning today – hope everybody got their surf fix!

We’ve been busy lately working on a variety of video projects, in our free time we’ve been shooting with Sasha Yakovleff…a college buddy who works at Burke Mountain in the winter as a ski coach and runs the outdoor bike park at Rye Airfield in the summer. Sash is super easy to work with and it’s been a real pleasure getting out on his trails and seeing how much work he puts into these jumps. We’re stoked to release this little trailer for a short film that will be released mid-July, titled ‘The Yakovleff Project’. This film will feature Sasha riding on his personal trail systems as well as urban and bike park settings. Enjoy!

In coming weeks we’ll also be releasing some of our most recent corporate projects, stay tuned!

June 6, 2012

Matt Colby today down south.

Hoping for more of this soon..

Grey May

May started out pretty miserable, lots of gloomy weather…although some scrap swells came through as we all waited for those Spring Noreasters that never came. This Spring was absurdly quiet, especially compared to last year. I can remember watching waves break during that April swell last season that I’ve never seen break before.
The tropics have been active though, today marks the official opening of Hurricane Season. We’ve already seen a few named storms, Tropical Storm Bertyl bounced around the South East before heading out to sea. On the bright side, it looks as though we may have a little action headed our way – in the form of a late season Noreaster. Without spreading too much hype….all those left hand points will be firing!
Well maybe not, the wind looks pretty unfavorable at this point so we’ll just have to wait it out. In light of the potential near future shooting opportunities, I filtered through all of my story boards from May and came up with a little clip (4 minutes little) with some of the local surfers. May started out pretty dismal, hoping June comes in roaring.