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94L builds with low wind sheer in the forecast

Last Season

Freshies Volume 1 from ice coast on Vimeo.

Sharks!! round 2 & some easy listening

He’s a nice shark though.

UPDATED : 8pm – New computer model for 92l

UPDATE: The forecast for 92L

“The National Hurricane Center is giving 92L a high (60% chance) of developing into a tropical depression by Wednesday morning, which is a reasonable forecast. The odds of development have increased since yesterday, as the storm has moved considerably to the northwest, away from the Equator. Now it can leverage the Earth’s spin to a much greater degree to help get it get spinning. It is quite unusual for a tropical depression to form south of 8°N latitude.”

This is taken from Jeff Master’s blog over at
He is the best in the biz.

It’s great to see some development, hopefully it will follow one of it’s more northerly tracks.


Shark sightings off of the coast of York, ME.,+Maine&articleId=ab3e05d5-f463-4b39-90fb-850ef1da61d9

92l – potentially the first tropical storm of the season

Dr. Masters reported today that there could be a tropical storm developing off the Lesser Antilles Islands. Although the storm doesn’t have a great chance of developing into the first hurricane of the season, it’s still a start.

For some more reports on tropical developments check out Dr. Masters blog on Weather Underground.

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January 29, 2010

Adrian Link at Bolton Valley, VT