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Josh Bibby | Joshman Files Part 1

Collin Collins | 11-29-10

Stowe | November 28, 2010

Went up to Stowe last night, might have been a little bit antsy to ski but went for it regardless. We were expecting to see some rough roads on the way up and decided the evening drive would be better than super early morning. After an eventful evening of looking for gas at 2am in desolate Waterbury, VT and trekking up to the Bolton base lodge with 0 miles ’til empty — we reached the Stowe lot. They received about 4″ of snow from the small lake-effect event the day before and the wind was blowing it around pretty well. Unfortunately we slept in (nothing to do with the bud light before bed) waking late and coughing up the outrageous $59 dollars for a day ticket. After about 10 runs with Lucas’ new GoPro HD we decided to take a little tour across to the Gondi side. It was windy and overcast so the photos didn’t come out great but the HD helmet cam is insane! SO stoked to have it, we’ll have something up soon.

Jibba Jabba Rail Jam

Went over to the Jibba Jabba Rail Jam today @ Rye Airfield — put on by our partner Granite Gorge as well as Steeze, SASS and some of our other friends. They had an awesome setup that they had built the night before, drying out the ice supply across the Seacoast including everything Exeter and Dover Arenas could put forth.

Mammoth | November 2010

I can’t seem to embed this video but it’s an HD 360 degree Point of View camera, 100% controllable. It’s mind bottling to say the least, this is some serious innovation.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well the EC is pretty dry, Sunday River has 18 trails open and word is Killington is skiing pretty well too. It looks as though there could be a mild snow event throughout the next few days up North so keep your eye on the weather. We’re also thankful that Lucas got a GoPro HD yesterday, it’s going to make everything that much easier to document. I’ve included some T-Giving stoke, keep your tips up!

It’s amazing how timeless powder skiing is, enjoy this vintage video of Bob Smith –founder of Smith Goggles as he tests out his designs at the home base of powder skiing, Jackson.

Opening Weekend | Whistler and Alta

Whistler (just hit mute before you click)

Alta | Nefarius November

I pretty much modeled my website after seeing how well this guy did last year, he focuses solely on Squaw and Squaw athletes and they always put out good edits, here is a sample of what they’ve come up with so far this November.

Tanner is BACK! | Tanner Hall and Neil Provo

Red Mountain Sucks

Prospecting Idaho | Episode 2

Toy Solider | Compilation

Some unbelievable shots from one of the TSP filmers.

Warren Miller | Wednesday 9pm

The new Warren Miller flick plays tonight and tomorrow night at the Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH. Tickets are $22.00 and going fast, we’ll see you there!20101123080155490

Teton Pass | November, 22 2010

Teton Pass is classic hot lap skiing, hoping to get some of it myself in late January. Brought to you by Andrew Whiteford.

Stowe | November 21, 2010

While the West Coast is getting hammered with snow the East has been pretty quiet. Regardless, it’s Sunday and we needed some exercise, so we packed up the car and headed north to Stowe. Stowe opens on Wednesday so they’ve been hard at work getting the snow guns going and putting everything in place for opening day, also known as the White Ribbon Of Death. We had a nice little tour up to the summit and decided on descending the the man-made snow instead of attempting the grassy and rocky natural stuff. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t any new snow but the man made stuff is good enough for November.

Mammoth | Record Storm Arrives Tonight

I’m not going into depth on this one, but it looks like it could be a real banger for the entire West Coast.. Our buddy Chase is living in Mammoth and working at the resort, not only is he a skier but he’s also a UNH – Recreation Management Alumni. Enjoy Chase!

Mantana | Bridger Bowl 11/18

Team Rider Casey Denning hiked up to Bridger Bowl yesterday and took a few photos, at least 2 more feet of snow is expected to fall between now and Monday night.

Storm Chasing Update & | Dispelling the Rumors

Weather UPDATE
On another note, Stowe’s webcam shows some pretty sweet coverage from last night. Reports said that the night before (Wednesday) Stowe recieved 3″ total up top. It looks as though there’s at least an inch to the base but as we’ve already seen this season, there could be much more at the mid-point and significantly more up top. It’s almost 11am as I type and the mountain is still socked in pretty good….with another inch or two predicted at the base we’ll be planning on taking a trip up there this weekend — still deciding on which day.
*Stay tuned for some developments on the Thanksgiving weekend storm.
Stowe webcam shot from today…

Pretty entertaining.

Exerpt from the NOAA forecast at Squaw for this weekend….

Pre-Season | AK to Keystone

Alaska – November 16, 2010

Nick Martini Edit

The Return of PK Hunter

Provo Brothers | Desert Spines

This is really a culmination of hard work and the brilliance of these two riders. The amount of work that went into this video is unbelievable, each shot must have taken hours and hours. Enjoy The Desert Spines, and expect to see more out of these two, they’re both strongly influenced by backcountry touring and splitboards etc.
Warning : There is no lift served skiing in this video

Surface | First Day & Log Mahal

Seems like everyone is into skinning these days…

A Season in the Life — Trailer | Log Mahal Productions

Damn I wanna go skiing right now…

Surf Photos | November 17, 2010

Winter Project | The Movie

Saga Outerwear | Opening Day Snowbird