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….is on it’s way. I’ve already had my taste of pow turns last month and I hope everyone got to hit the slopes during this Thanksgiving break. Mount Washington Observatory should be starting to post their daily advisories, thousands of crazed southerners will flock to Loon for the weekends and we’ll be back on the deserted powder highway (89N to Waterbury-HA!), alone at 4am.
Here’s to friends that wake up before the sun is up, the coolest ski patrol crew in the Northeast, powder skis, wet skins, 5% water content, work gloves, cat tracks and flat landings….winter is almost here and I’ve never felt so ready.


Is it a tradition to have waves every Thanksgiving here in New Hampshire? I think so, and 12″+ in the White Mtns and Northern Greens Spine? Glorious! I snapped a few shots yesterday but didn’t get the camera out today. I’m working on getting photos from Michael Sander as well as Joel Feid who both have some very impressive photography from today.

From all of us here at AL – we’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Thanks for bookmarking us and coming back time and time again!

Top two photos are taken by Joel Feid

Autumn Sun | Part 3

The third installment of the Autumn Sun series, closes out the Core Cup and makes way for some colder weather around New England. Stay tuned as we have a lot in store for the upcoming months.


Tons of stuff in the works, stay tuned.

2011 SCION Core Cup

On Friday we went up to Gooch’s Beach in Kennebunk, ME to shoot with the NH boys and capture the event for Skip Winter and LINK Marketing. An extensive amount of work went into this project, file storage issues plagued us through post production but it’s over and it’s done! (ESM) will be running our writing peice as well as some of Michael Sander’s photos and our video. We’ll have a more NH surf oriented edit from the competition sometime next week.

If you surfed in the competition, we may have photos and most likely have video of you surfing – contact for more information.

1. Casey Lockwood, $1200
2. Steve Hassett, $800
3. Steve O’Hara, $600
4. Liam O’Reagan, $400
5. Dillon Murphy, $200
6. Joel Feid, $150
7. Nico Evans, $125 & Sam Boardman, $125 – Tie



Fall Colors

Andy and I got together last week and tried to capture what was left of the foliage. Short and sweet, please watch in HD.

Core Cup 2011 | Kennebunk, ME

Such an awesome contest…3 New Hampshire surfers in the Final Heat and to top it off Mr. Lockwood brought home the cup! Action photos taken by THE Michael Sander.

The Autumn Sun | Part 2

Second installment of The Autumn Sun – looks like waves are on the way for the end of this weekend.

The Autumn Sun | Part One

Weeoooooooo. This edit ended up being somewhere around 8 minutes long due to the extended stay of this last swell. I decided it would be in best interest to just make a series out of it – who knows maybe this bump later in the week will produce too.
No fancy TV effects, no film burns, just some good ol’ local gnar set to the tone of “Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds”—- Here is ‘The Autumn Sun | Part One’.

November 4, 2011 | Goobye Natty Graham

Wow, what a swell – I have over 20 minutes of cut up footage already and hopefully more to come. Here’s a photo from today of Natty Graham at the wall, Natty leaves for the North Shore this weekend, later buddy!

November 3, 2011 | Alex F***** Orestis

Gets his own post. Please, just click the image. So much more to come from tonight!

Halloween 2011

Well that was a REALLY long weekend – trimming glades on Saturday with the Bolton crew, shooting near perfect surf on Sunday AND skiing boot deep powder today….only in New England and all whilst still enjoying the beautiful city of Portsmouth, NH at night. Editing is done and I think it’s time for some sleep.