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October 30, 2011

The Northeast got 25+ inches in some places and solid 10 foot swell from this past Nor’Easter, today was pumping.

Faces of Fall | Alpine Live Media

Hope everyone got some waves this week, there was a 10 minute window during the middle of the night on Friday when it got good – we think…besides that….another disappointment. Heavy currents and high wind really put a damper on the swell – I guess it’s better than nothing. I got a chance to head back to UNH! on Thursday for Meatheads films new movie premiere. Also, I had the opportunity to meet Chris James from Meatheads as well as Poc, Trew and Blizzard athlete Chris Tatsuno and THE HAMMER! a true East Coast and bump skiing legend. Awesome night with awesome people. Tomorrow we start work on a new project, stay tuned!

Fall Riding

With my recent escape from the cubicle trenches of the sales industry and the foliage popping all over New England, I took the rockhopper across the boarder to Maine & did a few fun summit laps with some of the camera gear. Still just awaiting the winter weather of La Nina 2.0 to kick in & bring in some of that glorious cold smoke. (Make sure to set the video to 1080p)


Nala and Nightscapes

October 16, 2011


Fox Hill Nightscape

Snapped a few photos tonight…

The Waiting Game | Chapter Six – OPHELIA

Let’s hope this isn’t the last Chapter.

Oregon Update:

Went for a hike out in the Three Sisters Wilderness the other day to scope out lines for this winter. Broken Top was socked in with fog and it was raining on and off so I left the 7D in the truck. Found some nice zones, now we just need snow to fill it all in. Also, a week or so ago I was out on the OR coast and caught a pretty sick sunset, heres the best of the bunch. Enjoy

Hampton in September

I’ve been skating a bunch lately after work for some exercise and it became pretty clear to me that skateboarding in Hampton hasn’t changed much since I started skating there back in middle school. A lot of the same crew with a ton of new faces mixed in and plenty of new features. I’ve been bringing the GoPro down there, that turned into bringing the whole rig down and I sorta got carried away. Here is what I put together – a short movie on the Hampton skatepark this September.

Thanks for watching, we don’t get to thank the viewers enough – it’s awesome meeting new people and hearing that they’ve seen the site. When we started this website last year I wasn’t even sure if we would get real exposure and well, we aren’t where I’d like to be yet, but we’ve come a long way – thanks to you.

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything & thought I would look through some of my latest surf footage to see what was useable. Short & Sweet but nothing compares to New England in the Fall, especially if there’s swells. Just like Ryan said, We really do appreciate all the people who’ve given us feedback on the site & we’re super stoked for what the future has in store for us and what we’ll be bringing you in the coming winter months, so stay tuned!