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October 30, 2011

The Northeast got 25+ inches in some places and solid 10 foot swell from this past Nor’Easter, today was pumping.

Faces of Fall | Alpine Live Media

Hope everyone got some waves this week, there was a 10 minute window during the middle of the night on Friday when it got good – we think…besides that….another disappointment. Heavy currents and high wind really put a damper on the swell – I guess it’s better than nothing. I got a chance to head back to UNH! on Thursday for Meatheads films new movie premiere. Also, I had the opportunity to meet Chris James from Meatheads as well as Poc, Trew and Blizzard athlete Chris Tatsuno and THE HAMMER! a true East Coast and bump skiing legend. Awesome night with awesome people. Tomorrow we start work on a new project, stay tuned!

Fall Riding

With my recent escape from the cubicle trenches of the sales industry and the foliage popping all over New England, I took the rockhopper across the boarder to Maine & did a few fun summit laps with some of the camera gear. Still just awaiting the winter weather of La Nina 2.0 to kick in & bring in some of that glorious cold smoke. (Make sure to set the video to 1080p)


Nala and Nightscapes

October 16, 2011


Fox Hill Nightscape

Snapped a few photos tonight…

The Waiting Game | Chapter Six – OPHELIA

Let’s hope this isn’t the last Chapter.