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Spring Verses | Part 7

I’m pretty disgruntled at the moment, a solid wind swell was supposed to fill in this AM and never really came through. I’m going to venture to say it had too much South in it, maybe the Central Maine coast saw some solid swell but barely a trace down here. I wanted to add some more surfing to Part 7 but you’ll have to settle for some landscape and lifestyle stuff – aside from that, Part 7 took the most time of any part in the series and I’m super proud of this one. Sidenote: I went ahead and bought a bigger lens…it cost me a fortune but hopefully it’ll improve the quality of the surf videos. Enjoy and thanks for checking us out.

Spring Verses | Part 7 – In the making

I’ve been tirelessly working on Part 7 of the Spring Verses series but there hasn’t been any waves so I’m a bit stuck. Snapped a few photos tonight while shooting the sunset. Hopefully surfing will resume tomorrow.

Montana | Winter 2010-2011

Looks like we may have a little bump coming in the swell forecast but I’m not going to talk about it because I’ll get disappointed when there is 2 ft wind chop on Friday.
I thought I would reflect on a great winter, unfortunately I still have terrible shin bang from 90 days in my cheapo ski boots. Some may not know that I took a 20 day adventure out to Bozeman, MT in January of this year and had a blast. We didn’t get much sun but there was new snow almost every night — check out some of the POV I brought back down below. Soon after Montana we stopped getting lazy and used the helmet mount and then upgraded to the backpack mount which is a bit steadier.
We will be back to surfing content on Wednesday.
Chest Mount

Silly deep day, surely one of the best days of my life.



The liftline shot at the end, but a few months previous — check out the stump I hit towards the end, I think I closely avoided serious injury…Lucas wasn’t so lucky, a few weeks later he pulled his hamstring on this same section and was off skis for two weeks.

Lastly, a message from Ralph.

Quabbin Reservoir

Happy Easter to all. Here is a shot from the Massachusetts water supply, the Quabbin Reservoir as well as a late evening orange glow shot from the wall. Looks like maybe some swell towards the end of the week, pretty stoked – STAY TUNED.

Sunset | April 22, 2011

Down Days | Part 1 – April 21, 2011

In between swells here, looks like Saturday might be surfable and then something way out like on Friday of next week. The sun was shining when I woke up this morning, it’s been so dark and rainy lately and I have been dying to use my new ND filter some more. This would require a sunrise or sunset – actually being able to see the sun going down would be nice. I took a little trip down to Salisbury skatepark with my buddy Mike before sunset – check out the clip below. Scored a few shots during the sunset but nothing I’m really that stoked about.
I am stoked that ESM (Eastern Surfing Mag – has posted Part 5 of the Spring Verses series, thanks to Ryan Dunfee and Nick over at ESM. I’m stoked to see it up there and hope they can post Part 6. And hopefully we get some waves here so I can get out therrreeee.

Spring Verses | Part 6 – April 18, 2011

Real tired but I’m super stoked on today’s edit – photos not so much. Some leftovers in the water still at dusk tonight – pretty amped overall for the storm and the boys. Thanks for checking out…

Spring Verses | Part 5 – April 17, 2011

I haven’t seen the ocean churning like it was this morning in a long time, we’ve had a massive snow year without having any significant winter swells. It has been a pretty busy spring as far as surfing goes, a swell each week for the last month or two. The buoys were reading 15ft+ this morning and it showed at the beach, a massive washing machine all over. Finally a few guys decided to give it a go at the Rocks and across the way at Linkys. Broken boards, barrels and beach weather make for an awesome day.  I’m not going to touch on the crowded roads or the insane parking jobs that I saw today because I know it’s going to get worse as the summer goes on. I will mention that it’s important to be safe, if you have any doubts about going into big surf on any particular day…think twice and choose another day, there will always be waves NEXT spring!

Below slideshow photos (except for two landscape photos that I cannot seem to be able to remove) by:  Lucas Van Oss (alpine live media)