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8-31-10 – The Never Ending Story

Danielle was forecasted to peak two days ago, I think the swell peaked this morning. More slayage from the boys.

8-30-10 – The Hill

Shot photos all day, Hampton slab wave session in the evening.


*Storm Chasing page updated*

I apologize in advance for the cropping issues, in an attempt to hide the locations I’ve also mangled the photos. These are shot from 3 different locations in NH/ME. Had a great session this evening with the boys up at a popular spot in Maine, beautiful sunset and glassy waist high surf.

The Least Coast Episode 1

Episode one of The Least Coast series..starring Mike Stanek, Toby Parke, Cheyne Magnusson, Michael Baron, Mike Losness and many more..

Summer Sessions Webisode 3

[Vimeo 14485027]


Danielle has just been updated to a Category 4 Hurricane, it’s still moving westward but it’s looking like it will stay out to sea.
It’s looking like Danielle could be a quick swell event, coming in late tomorrow and fading out around Monday night. This is a forecast image for Tropical Storm Earl on Sunday the 8th. Still a ways out for accurate forecasting but if the storm followed this exact track we could see some solid surf for next week.
Either way there should be waist high surf through the middle of this coming week so get out there.

The Clouds Part – FINALLY

Tropics Update

UPDATE Wednesday 9:30pm – While the path of Earl is still unknown some of the models are showing it building to a major hurricane and passing close the south eastern US. There is also another disturbance behind Earl that is favored to turn into a tropical storm.
Quoted from Jeff Masters blog this afternoon
“The latest GFS model run develops this wave into a tropical depression 3 – 4 days from now. I can’t see any reason why this would not occur. Conditions for tropical cyclone development will remain favorable in the Eastern Atlantic for at least the next week, and the GFS models has successfully predicted the development of both Danielle and TD 7 over the past two weeks. This new wave probably has a better chance of hitting the U.S. East Coast than either Danielle or TD 7.”

The long range forecast is always dodgy, but here is the 180hr forecast for Danielle and Earl.


Coastal Low Pressure – 25+ mph winds – Tropics Update

We finally got some swell from this coastal low pressure. It was messy but there were a few gems. Scored lots of video for the third webisode, here are a few pictures.

I’ll also add that Tropical Storm Danielle has just been upgraded to Category 1 Hurricane Danielle. The models are still too far out to bank on, but keep your schedules open for the beginning of next week, we could be looking at nice weather and overhead 16 second interval swell through the start of the week. GET AMPED!

Update: 10:30pm
They have named another storm off the coast of Africa this evening, 96l. The forecast is very up in the air, but looks to be following a similar track to Danielle, check us out tomorrow and there will be more of a detailed update.

This photo shows Danielle followed shortly after by 96l, that image is forecasted for Saturday the 28th, more accurate information will be available as this weekend comes closer.

2010 Hurricane Season

9:15pm 8-23-10 UPDATE: Storm Track Image
Tropical Storm Danielle has been upgraded to Hurricane Danielle. It’s still questionable as to which track the Hurricane will take, but we are surely going to see some energy from it by the beginning of next week.

Matt Noyes is a New England weather forecaster, his site is easy to navigate and on point….he posts on…take a look at his post yesterday.

“Tracking the Tropics: The tropical wave I’ve been tracking over Africa is looking organized tonight, and I still think it’s on track to become a Tropical Depression on Saturday, and Tropical Storm Danielle by the end of the weekend. The storm seems likely to me that it will become a hurricane by the end of Monday or start of Tuesday.”

And is a shot of the current computer generated models:

95l Forms

This morning NHC has officially named the disturbance off of the coast of Africa. 95l will continue to move west northwest for the next 5-7 days and increase in speed from 5-10 knots to 15-20 knots. The models are showing the storm curving towards the East Coast during the last few days of August.

They also mention that in 5-7 days there is another tropical storm forming off of the coast of Virginia and will move northwest towards New England.

Keep your eyes peeled on these two storms, both of which could either die off or build into large named hurricanes, the next of which will be named Danielle. The SSTs (sea surface temperatures) have been at record highs, which is favorable for development of hurricanes. As funny as it may sound, it would be smart to collect water jugs and emergency essentials just incase the worst were to happen. The northeast hasn’t seen a large storm in decades, the last of which I believe was Hurricane Bob in 1991. We are long overdue for a direct hit, and this season seems to be boiling up to be one of the largest in recent history.

Keep it locked.
– Ryman

Potential Filth

Also some easy listening….Mike Snow – Animal

Storm Chasing Update

Check out the storm chasing section, we have yet to finalize the format of the page but we are starting to see some real action in the tropics for the end of August and the start of September. Keep your eyes open for a potentially harmful hurricane making contact with the North Eastern seaboard around that timetable.

Mike Stanek Sequence 8-16-10

8-16-10 Shred Fest

The Wall – 8-15-10

Fading light, and super choppy conditions.

Swell on the way

Get your sticks ready, the water is warm and the Canadians are already a step ahead of you. Monday looks like it could reach chest high. Swell direction is from the East but the wind looks like it will be moderate with 10-15 from the South.

Summer Sessions Webisode 2

The second installment of the Summer Sessions Webisode Series.

Cape Cod Shark Hunters had quite the day


These ones are a little more girly but get them while they’re still around! Contact one of us.

Stand Up Paddle!

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This shot was taken yesterday at the very south end of the wall. Don’t be scared!

Tonight 8-9-10 – Secret Spot