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The Waiting Game – Chapter 2 | Irene

Firstly I’d like to send our condolences to the people effected by Irene’s flooding in VT and NY – before complaining about the over-hyped storm think about the historical buildings that were swept away and one of our favorite resort’s lodge which was destroyed.
All hype aside, the ocean was a mess yesterday…a 40′ sailboat washed up on the rocks at Rye Harbor, I heard about people being arrested for surfing in MA, Pros getting tickets for surfing down in Maryland, I even heard about a shark attack at Ruggles?
Gotta’ love all the drama, when I woke up this morning I was half expecting double overhead and messy but instead head high at best and brisk offshores. I spent a long time traveling and scoping but also scored lots of usable footage. That big day we’ve been waiting for is coming, currently there is a disturbance headed towards the EC right now – will this be the one? Fingers crossed for Katia.
Today wasn’t a complete loss – As I’m walking out to shoot at a far-away break today I hear something rustling in the bushes, I stayed clear because I thought I saw the tail of a dog and there wasn’t a dog owner anywhere in sight. I took another 30 or so steps and stopped to set my tripod and camera up. Turned out waves were terrible and I met up with my friend Mike and headed back to the car – as we walked back I told him I had seen a black dog in the bushes, he stopped and then quickly sped off and mentioned that he had heard the thing. After getting a few steps away from the area I looked back and it had exited the bushes, not a dog but a f’ing TURKEY, stuck between ocean and cliff.

Ruffin’ It – Rangeley, Maine

With winter rapidly approaching & all this crazy hurricane weather lately, got me thinking thinking back to last winter and the absurd amount of snow that fell in the North East. I was lucky enough to get invited up to my good friend Eric’s camp, in Rangeley, ME – that was absolutely amazing. Views of Rangeley Lake right off the back deck & thousands of miles of trail to ride just outside the front door. Definitely one of the highlights of the winter – can’t wait for round two this season!

Summer Sessions Surf Shop | Awards Ceremony

I can’t fork these over to the Facebook uploader because it destroys all photo quality, instead here’s a taste of what’s going on down at Summer Sessions Surf Shop. Most of the material I captured this evening was video so keep your eye out for The Waiting Game – Chapter Two. Click on the photo for a larger resolution.
IRENE UPDATE: Looks like the forecasters will be pushing their track further East in the morning, expect landfall to be somewhere in CT. Very quick burst of energy but it looks like M, T, W could all be pretty solid – don’t be a kook.

Bolton Valley, Vermont

My favorite place in the Northern kingdom. There is loads of steeper terrain elsewhere in Northern VT but this place just has the perfect vibe. Back in early March they got pounded with snowstorm after snowstorm, the season total was just over 330″. This was one of my best days this season, or of all time for that matter…. (a season which also included a 22 day trip to Montana and Wyoming)

I’ll dedicate this one to the employees at Bolton and all they’ve done to preserve the wonderful tree skiing the mountain provides us season after season. Thanks guys!

The Wait Continues…

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re most likely aware that there’s a good chance we’ll see some energy from Hurricane Irene towards the beginning of next week. Plenty of good information on Irene over at Jeff Master’s Wudnerground Blog.
In the meantime I’ve been borrowing Lucas’s camera, some Molly Surf Competition photos, some Maine exploration photos and an alcohol photo :).

The Waiting Game | Chapter One

I wanted to start a new series for Hurricane season, it’s just natural that it would be named “The Waiting Game”. Most of our time up here is spent waiting for the swell to arrive, hours in front of the computer screen reading too far into swell models a week out. Someday we’ll get waves.

Some random photos from last week, I think.

The Wall | August 10, 2011

I blew it again this morning, woke up and checked the cam and it just didn’t look that great so I went back to sleep. Got down to the wall around 9 and it was just as big as yesterday with a shorter period and much more unfavorable wind. The wind went off shore for about an hour around lunchtime before switching back onshore for the evening.

August 9, 2011 | The Wall

This morning brought better conditions, have a look.