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Lots of leftover GoPro from last season that I whittled down earlier in the summer, I guess it’s almost about time to dust off the ski gear.

After returning to skiing during college, last winter was far and wide the best season yet. e had some long continuous periods of frigid cold temperatures and surely found our breaking points with cold weather recreation but the snow was downright incredible. I’ve gotta give a big thumbs up to the best friends and ski partners in the world, Robby Brown, Casey Denning, Lucas Van Oss, Andy Madea, Bill Forcier, Rob Fox, Chris Denaro, Josh Arneson, Quinn Keating, and my favorite corporate desk jockey Matt Berkowitz. I can only hope to get as many pow days as we did last season. Thanks to all my friends for waking up at 4am, driving in snowstorms and skinning 3 hours for a 5 minute descent, every trip was epic and 100% worth it in my account.

Special thanks to Fischer Skis and Bolton Valley Resort. Shot entirely on the Gopro Hero 4 Black.

Forgive me for posting your secret spots, everyone else was doing it.






A Look Back | Winter 2014

A Look Back | Winter 2014 from Ryan Denning on Vimeo.

December Powder

Quite an active December so far, unfortunately it’s looking like there could be an ice storm coming this weekend for the mountains.

With the slow travel on Sunday I decided to try and stay close to home and find somewhere to skin, I suppose in an effort to save cash and stay away from the kooks. Weekends obviously suck and I’ve had zero inclination to wait in lines or get elbowed by the crusty old powder hound in the line for first chair. That sounds pretentious I guess but I’ve given into the notion that I may be turning into a Hermit. Call it pretentious, call it snobby – the rat race is unappetizing.

Here’s how the first turns of the season went.

I love skiing groomers just as much as the Jersey plate passing me at 75mph with 8″ of snow on 95 who I will eventually have to speak to about stepping on my skis in the madness that is Sunday River’s lift line but at some point, astonishingly quickly actually, it just becomes stale and mundane. Maybe a few nights sleeping in the parking lot at Bolton will help. Nothing like forgetting what day it is up at the 1500′ village. That 300″ average annual snowfall adds up somehow – in the form of a surprise 3 inches, twice weekly. Let hope this incoming system is kind to them because Northern Vermont is almost in, almost.

I’m real stoked to be skiing with a new crew from Burlington. I met John and Dane last season and they’ve got a great group of skiers and riders – Tuesday morning we took a trip up to the NEK for some exploration. The snow was significantly dryer than what I had seen in the Whites on Sunday and much dryer than what I had at home on the coast. Great skiing for sure, not bottomless but just enough blower for the tunnel effect. There is some potential up there this winter, see for yourself below. I’ll be back for sure and now that Andy’s living up in the area, game on!





Skiers: John Howland, Sam Chalek, Ryan Kinner and Taylor Luneau

Hoping to get at it again on Saturday morning here in NH, before the ‘R’ word rolls in.

Away from the ski lift obviously. Carbon footprint bro.

Season of the hermit.

Erica + Nathan | York, ME

Erica and Nathan’s beautiful York, ME wedding is our first feature wedding film. It was one of the funnest weekends of the summer and an incredible experience for the team.

Contact us for next season’s availability. Thanks for checking out Alpine Live – enjoy!

Erica+Nathan | York, ME from Ryan Denning on Vimeo.

Friday October 18, 2013

Sunrise session with minimal crowds, game on.

















Endless Summer

New England summers are something special.
Martingale Wharf

Rocky Pond

Portsmouth | NH


Wagon Hill

Dinner on the docks

Harbor Lights


Summer is officially here, and there’s nothing like a 90° heatwave to bring back frosty memories of months past. With boards being waxed and single tracks being prepared all over, it’s time to party. So here’s to continuing swells & as little tourist interaction as possible.

Wagon Hill
9* (1 of 1)

Hillman’s Highway
1 (1 of 1)-3

Dodge’s Drop
1 (1 of 1)-2

Rangeley, ME
8* (1 of 1)

May Powder
1 (1 of 1)

Portsmouth, NH
5* (1 of 1)

2013 Reel

A little seasonal piece that has been in the works for a while. We’re continuing our transition from winter, as summer vibes are just around the corner. (I accidentally uploaded 720p last time, so please enjoy 1080p this time around)

March Madness

Another storm headed our way for midweek. Forecasters are calling for some serious accumulation up North, keep updated on the weather at famousinternetskiers.com

The surf has been solid lately, I’m still without a long zoom from my switch-over last year so I’m stuck finding creative ways to use wider primes.






Pictured below is Toby Parke, the next two photos are the same wave.



I had the pleasure to work with Nick Checo again, this time we were shooting stills for his new album. Super nice spring afternoon in P-town, this was my first adventure with flash photography. Check out his music and like his facebook page here : NICK CHECO MUSIC



Bolton Valley | February 21, 2013

Winter has finally returned in full force.





A Chance of Snow In New England

AMPED to have our work up on the TGR site!! (link below) Thanks to Mr. Dunfee for inviting us along in his adventures again. It looks like most of the weather stations have come into agreement regarding 6″+ snowfall across most of New England on Friday into Saturday, bringing with it some serious surf as well. The center of the low pressure will be out to sea, which in this case means the heaviest hit portion will probably Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine coastlines. We’re looking at blizzard conditions with high winds, blowing snow and the possibility of up to two feet of fluffy white stuff. As of now, a lot of the Southern and Central NH mountains are looking to be in the hot spot.


Assuming we do get significant snowfall, the roads will be bad. If at all possible, for maximum powder turns – get your plans firmed up and get outta town by tomorrow evening. The roads on Saturday morning are going to be flat out awful and 93 is going to be Mad Max gridlock nonsense with all the powder crazies trying to get their fix.

—–Below piece written and posted on the TetonGravity.com website by Ryan Dunfee:

“Fog, rain, and deep freezes have bled the East coast dry of the deep base and gut-slapping powder that filled its woods during the Christmas holiday. Despite the lull in the epic, let’s acknowledge a brighter time in the season when the snow was deep and ”faceshot“ was in the weekly lexicon. During that time, Ryan Denning, Lucas Van Oss, Tavis Moonan, and Ryan Dunfee set out to capture some of the best New England skiing in a dog’s age on film. ”

Filmed by Lucas Van Oss and Ryan Denning at Sugarloaf, Maine, and Bolton Valley, Vermont.

Edited by Lucas Van Oss.


Ragged Mountain Resort | January 29, 2013

What the *&$#!!! I got a picture message early this morning from a friend at Bolton, basically the snow has been completely depleted on some trails and there is open water running down the mountain. As terrible as this is, we are looking at dropping temperatures starting this morning with snow showers already being reported at MRG and Stowe. Also, a few small bursts of snow this coming weekend and the chance of some more next week.

On Tuesday Ragged Mountain recieved 4″ of beautiful dry fluff, just like most of the Northeast. Andrew and I headed up early and met up with their Communications Manager Jamie and his buddy Dave from CO. They kindly showed us around the hill for a few hours on Ragged’s 6 person lift. It doesn’t get much better than an empty hill, 6 pack lift and pow on groomer.

Well, I guess it does. And it did, at Bridger Bowl. Have a look at the video below….the same day we went to Ragged. Happy Birthday to brother Casey, it looks like he scored in Montana this week!

Go Back to Bridger – Axel Peterson Cold Smoking 1/29/2013 from Bridger Brigade on Vimeo.


We need Feburary to be dark and stormy, pray for the return of winter. PLEASE!


Today is the memorial of Danny Miller’s passing, wishing the best to his family and his son, Landon. Would like to thank Sean Miller for an awesome memorial bonfire on Saturday! Today was also Danny’s Birthday so Happy Birthday Miller.

Vermont Backcountry Tour

Just a few photos from recent weeks, we have a new ski edit coming out soon so stay tuned!

Check us out in this recent Powder Magazine photo gallery:
And the article Mr. Dunfee wrote up on our trip to Sugarloaf last month:



The Yakovleff Project

We’re happy to finally release The Yakovleff Project, a video we’ve been working on with our college buddy Sasha Yakovleff for almost a year now. Sasha is everywhere, he’s a ski coach in Vermont, he’s a ski rep., he’s the Rye Airfield Bike Park Manager and he’s a professional mountain biker. Take a look at what we’ve created with him. Shot entirely in the state of New Hampshire, we film Sasha shredding his hand-built trails, the Rye Airfield Bike Park and the legendary Highland Mountain Bike Park. Enjoy, share and thank you for checking out Alpine Live.

The Yakovleff Project from Ryan Denning on Vimeo.

On another note, last week we ventured into the VT Backcountry and were rewarded with some of the best skiing we’ve ever had! It looks like it’s been snowing basically non-stop since we left on Thursday afternoon so we’re amped to get the skins dried out and get back up there. It’s finally winter in Vermont!!!

A parting shot, from the fair-weather surf photographer. Happy New Year!

Nor’Easter | December 26, 2012 AND Sugarloaf Photo Review

Well, the snow is piling up. Some areas are expected to see upwards of 20″ by Friday AM. There will be some scary driving conditions today for sure so be careful on that commute and if you’re headed for the hills make sure you plan accordingly and drive slow. Let those plows do they’re work, with another storm right behind it arriving on Saturday evening, they will surely have their hands full.


THE LOAF! Such a great trip, looks like fun times ahead folks! Enjoy and drive safe!

Look for the rest of the gallery on Powdermag.com next week, accompanying Mr. Dunfee’s article!








We’re heading up to Sugarloaf in the morning to chase this storm, stay up to date for photos on our Facebook page.

Just a few shots from past seasons. Get out there!

nicklastnickpow3lucasairryan10jan11croppedforjoshskidunfee1dennin pow blowryanstoweAndy Madea1bridger2


FINALLY! I can ski something other than man made snow cone b/s. Made the drive up to VT to meet up with Jason and his buddy Dwight. Bolton had a inch or two on the ground before the 8″ that fell overnight, just enough to cover the grass. It looks like Stowe and Jay may have done a little bit better as far as snow totals go but it was still an excellent day. My journey started at the bottom of Timberline and ended about 3/4 the way up Cobrass, along the way I met up with Jay and Dwight and we pushed forward…hoping that the wind had deposited the snow up there. After bushwhacking, PBR (thanks Jay!) and getting poached by two snowboarders, we started the descent.

Conclusion: We need more snow, not much…but we need more snow. Here is a visual account of what happened.



A random assortment of photos from the last month. Enjoy.

Thursday Morning Leftovers

This may be one of my favorite images of all time, the right wall almost looks like the inside of an orange.


A few images from Portsmouth last night before the snow started to fall.

Sunset in Hampton earlier this week.


Some photos from last night. It looks like the swell is sticking around, go get some!

Fall Colors

Emptying out the camera from the last few weeks.

VACATION – A Short Film Series (Part 2)

Part 2 is the better part of the swell in my opinion, all local spots this time and some different angles. Enjoy!

VACATION – A Short Film Series (Part 2) from Ryan Denning on Vimeo.

VACATION – A Short Film Series (Part 1)

Lately I’ve been striving to capture great surfing pictures, with much more focus on composition. Through my adventures I ended up shooting a bunch of video as well and I’ve decided to put it all together into a short film series called ‘VACATION’. This is Part 1, which goes back to the original Leslie swell up North.

Part 2 will be more recent footage from the last week and it’ll be posted here on Thursday morning. Thanks for checking out http://www.alpine-live.com!

VACATION – A Short Film Series (Part 1) from Ryan Denning on Vimeo.