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95l Forms

This morning NHC has officially named the disturbance off of the coast of Africa. 95l will continue to move west northwest for the next 5-7 days and increase in speed from 5-10 knots to 15-20 knots. The models are showing the storm curving towards the East Coast during the last few days of August.

They also mention that in 5-7 days there is another tropical storm forming off of the coast of Virginia and will move northwest towards New England.

Keep your eyes peeled on these two storms, both of which could either die off or build into large named hurricanes, the next of which will be named Danielle. The SSTs (sea surface temperatures) have been at record highs, which is favorable for development of hurricanes. As funny as it may sound, it would be smart to collect water jugs and emergency essentials just incase the worst were to happen. The northeast hasn’t seen a large storm in decades, the last of which I believe was Hurricane Bob in 1991. We are long overdue for a direct hit, and this season seems to be boiling up to be one of the largest in recent history.

Keep it locked.
– Ryman