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Canyons Gig | Andy Campbell

Well this Canyons gig is pretty interesting, $40k just to blog a few times a week? They also put you up in their grand hotel for 4 months, sounds pretty sick to me. Well, you gotta submit a video explaining “how do you mountain?” and I’m not quite sure what that means but here is Andy Campbell’s view.

Go over to and vote for Andy, his video is f***** awesome and there are currently some real dweebs in the lead.

Ski or Surf?

The weather has been nice and the amount of lift served skiing in the Northeast right now is pretty minimal, so it was easy to revert back to taking surf shots. The waves are gone though and it’s time to get back to winter stoke. Hopefully we’ll see some snow on Wednesday into Wednesday night up in the mountains — the big resorts all have approaching opening dates. Here’s a few videos to get back in the mood.