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Winter Weather to Effect Northeast

Friday – 1:45pm
I’m not going to hype this storm up as much as the last few but it looks as though there is a significant winter storm setting up to effect the Northeast starting tomorrow and ending the following Friday. Areas effected will be Northern Green Mountains, some of the Northern Presidentials and Whites as well as the Adirondacks, it’s going to be very elevation dependent and for the most part will be upslope snow accumulation.This is a pretty long duration for a snow event but we’ll see how things pan out.
Starting with this weekend:
Snow has already started to fall at K-Mart and the Peak Lodge cam is pretty well socked in with at least 2″ on the trees. There should be 2-4″ on the ground by nightfall tomorrow in the Northern kingdom and up to 8-12″ in some regions of Northwestern Maine. Sugarloaf and Rumford seem to be right on the fringe and will receive at least 6″ up top by Sunday morning and Sunday River looks to be at around 4″. Here is a 48 hour snow forecast:

The Forecasters over at are predicting 12-24″ of snow by the end of the storm in Northern VT, it is going to be elevation dependent but we’ll take anything right about now.
On another note, we’re working feverishly on Part 2 of the Pre-Season edit, hopefully this storm will mark the end of our Pre-Season but we shall see, GET AMPED!!!

Here is a link explaining what upslope snow is:

Upslope Snow