Storm Chasing

Quinn Keating | Wasatch Trip 2011

Our new friend up at Bolton got some serious skiing in on the West coast this past week. He visited some friends out in the Wasatch and came back with this…

Tenney | January 27, 2011

Got a late start today and decided on Tenney Mountain, a recently closed resort located off the Plymouth, NH exit. Andy heard this place had some good terrain and it’s moderately close to home compared to our regular adventures. The place was a ghost town but there was a lot of cat tracks running up and down the trails, almost like someone’s been doing snowcat laps. There is some awesome stuff over to the skier’s left but the majority of the main trails still had a ways to go until it could be considered full coverage. We had a great time anyways and prospected some stuff for future trips. Finally replaced the broken D5000 with a Nikon D3100, here are some photos…back to the grind tomorrow.Andy just bought a splitboard — much more accessibility.The up.Next time we know where to go.Shot from my backyard, these most recent storms have been all coastal, hopefully things turn around.

Bolton Valley | January 23, 2011

Got back from Bozeman last night around 7pm, pretty wild ride into Denver and even scarier into Boston but I’m still here. We ventured up to Bolton at 4:30am yesterday morning, apparently they had been getting cranked the last few weeks while I was in Montana, one storm after another. The temp was forecasted to be a high of -4, we’re used to it being cold up at Bolton — last year we skied in -37 degree wind chill, each one of us got a little tinge of frostbite and mine is still there.
Yesterday was a perfect mix of clouds and sun, just enough to make some beautiful photos. We had planned to scope out the centerline chute down the middle mountain at Bolton – which isn’t lift served. Once we started skinning we realized there was definitely enough snow for this line to go. As we started to ascend the road from the Vista lift to the Wilderness lift we realized it was going to be pretty difficult to find this line, it was very clear from the bottom of the mountain but things are different from elevation. We reached the point where we thought it would be and headed into the wilderness in search of the chute. In the process I got myself stuck up to my neck in a treewell which was terrifying to say the least, and Lucas did as well. The problem up high in VT right now is that there is a ton of thick brush and trees covering the ground, when the snow falls on that it doesn’t exactly fall on the ground, it usually falls on top of the brush and continues to accumulate on top. When you step on some of these areas the brush holds up, but some areas fall clean through to the ground and some holes an be endless deep. It took me 20 minutes to get out of this hole and by the time I got out and started skinning back to where Andy and Lucas had been before, Andy had found the famed Centerline Chute. Well, it was completely scraped off, we were not surprised, pissed or agitated about this because the guy who found it before us was on foot, in 4′ deep snow. We somehow got down it, into the lower angle terrain that was actually pretty awesome. Just another reason why we love Bolton Valley so much. We’ll be back to the mountains this week/weekend — enjoy!
denning blower

Mt. Agamenticus | January 21, 2011

The weather reports called for 1-3” which actually ended up being around 3-6”. With the roads looking pretty burly Barrett & I decided to make the short drive to Mt. Agamenticus to earn some turns in the continuing storm. After gearing up, we took a quick glance at the trail map (maybe a little too quick) and boot packed up to the summit. The hike took about an hour with a few breaks & navigation meetings but after a short rest at the top we were ready to get into it. Just a few turns into the decent, an offshoot of the main trail led us into a few really nice pow stashes that I ended up lapping a few times for fun. By mid-afternoon the storm had subsided to the point where we were taking our last few laps in the sun, with some awesome untouched conditions. After getting some decent footage & photos we decided to head down, the only problem was that we were heading away from the car, in the opposite direction. After about an hour of discussion and retracing our steps, we got back on the trail and eventually back to the car by skiing down Mountain Road on top of the roadside snowbanks, right to the parking lot! I guess that its not a true adventure until something goes a little wrong. All in all, it turned out to be a great day to ski; good friends, great vibes, and killer conditions. Here are a couple photos that Barrett and I took from the excursion, and an edit I put together with some of the gopro footage from the trip.

Hyalight Canyon | January 21, 2011

Today is my last day in Montana, thankfully the weather came around and gave us some sun for once. I headed to the canyon down the street from the house and scoped a few different lines. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my touring rig on this trip and I have been beating myself up for it ever since. Hyalight had been getting a ton of snow recently and hiking really sucks in deep snow. I did a lap on my own in the morning and scoped some smaller pillowy lines in the afternoon with broseph. Morning was sunny, beautiful and warm and the afternoon was windy, overcast and chilly. Stoked overall about the whole trip but theres a ton of work and shredding to get done back home. Back at it early on Sunday morning in Northern VT. Cheers!

Bolton Valley | December 8, 2010

I had heard rumors of 30″ snowfall, had seen videos of Sugarbush opening on Tuesday and needed to get a taste for myself. I also finally bought a GoPro, still need to learn how to use it but here is the first try.

Pre-Season Part II

Well the weather didn’t quite do what I forecasted it to, but Stowe got 4″ and Cannon got about 5″, still more to come so keep your eye on resort conditions.

Here is the second and final video from the Pre-Season, enjoy!

Weather Update | December 5, 8:00pm
Totals are still pretty weak after the weekend but Saddleback, Maine is reporting 9″ in the last 48 hours and 2″ in the last 24 with deeper snow in pockets, 2-4″ at SR and Sugarloaf with another 6″ expected. Here is the 48 hour rain/snow forecast:

Winter Weather to Effect Northeast

Friday – 1:45pm
I’m not going to hype this storm up as much as the last few but it looks as though there is a significant winter storm setting up to effect the Northeast starting tomorrow and ending the following Friday. Areas effected will be Northern Green Mountains, some of the Northern Presidentials and Whites as well as the Adirondacks, it’s going to be very elevation dependent and for the most part will be upslope snow accumulation.This is a pretty long duration for a snow event but we’ll see how things pan out.
Starting with this weekend:
Snow has already started to fall at K-Mart and the Peak Lodge cam is pretty well socked in with at least 2″ on the trees. There should be 2-4″ on the ground by nightfall tomorrow in the Northern kingdom and up to 8-12″ in some regions of Northwestern Maine. Sugarloaf and Rumford seem to be right on the fringe and will receive at least 6″ up top by Sunday morning and Sunday River looks to be at around 4″. Here is a 48 hour snow forecast:

The Forecasters over at are predicting 12-24″ of snow by the end of the storm in Northern VT, it is going to be elevation dependent but we’ll take anything right about now.
On another note, we’re working feverishly on Part 2 of the Pre-Season edit, hopefully this storm will mark the end of our Pre-Season but we shall see, GET AMPED!!!

Here is a link explaining what upslope snow is:

Upslope Snow

Mammoth | Record Storm Arrives Tonight

I’m not going into depth on this one, but it looks like it could be a real banger for the entire West Coast.. Our buddy Chase is living in Mammoth and working at the resort, not only is he a skier but he’s also a UNH – Recreation Management Alumni. Enjoy Chase!

Storm Chasing Update & | Dispelling the Rumors

Weather UPDATE
On another note, Stowe’s webcam shows some pretty sweet coverage from last night. Reports said that the night before (Wednesday) Stowe recieved 3″ total up top. It looks as though there’s at least an inch to the base but as we’ve already seen this season, there could be much more at the mid-point and significantly more up top. It’s almost 11am as I type and the mountain is still socked in pretty good….with another inch or two predicted at the base we’ll be planning on taking a trip up there this weekend — still deciding on which day.
*Stay tuned for some developments on the Thanksgiving weekend storm.
Stowe webcam shot from today…

Pretty entertaining.

Exerpt from the NOAA forecast at Squaw for this weekend….


Storm Update | Thursday 3:30pm
Well we aren’t going to get the snow I had anticipated, but it still looks like there could be a few inches in the higher peaks of the Greens and Whites by Monday morning. I’ve attached an image of the Stowe report for 3,389ft. We shall see, cross your fingers and make some sort of sacrifice to the snow gods this evening.
Check out for more detailed information and a live North East weather feed.

Sunday River | OPEN

So Sunday River opened today and they’re the first open on the East Coast 4 seasons in a row. They’re actually the first resort open for the season in the country.
I’m gonna go ahead and assume they opened today just in case some other heavy hitter EC resort opened for tomorrow (cough cough, Killington). So Kmart got swindled but I don’t think they were planning on opening up anyways. More importantly Killington got a pummeling this afternoon for about 2 hours. It looked like they got covered pretty well up top and we’re headed up in a few hours to do a little moonlit skinning.

Enough babble heres some stoke, we’ll have our own posted tomorrow evenin’.

First Nor’easter | Part 2

With all of the Nor’easter talk this week we’ve been looking forward to getting back on the snow. Got up at 4am today with Lucas and headed North on VT-89.
We heard that Killington still had snow to the parking lot but only 15″ up top and we heard that Stowe got hammered with 25″ inches at the summit but there was a 1,500ft snowline (down-hike on the way out). After a long discussion we came to the agreement that Stowe would be a better choice. More choices, better terrain and a more relaxed earn-your-own-turns and skinning policy.
Stowe has some seriously savage terrain above the Gondi summit. We didn’t head up today because the coverage just isn’t good enough yet but we’re heading back up as soon as the pow comes. Here’s a few shots from today, unfortunately the snow was pretty bad, super wet and pretty sun baked, video to be posted later this week.

First Nor’easter | Part 1

This season’s first Nor’easter delivered, waves and snow. Some reports in the Mad River Valley say 24″ at the higher peaks and that’s where we’re headed tomorrow. We also got some serious swell, these are from Friday.

Weather Update

Weather Update | Nor’easter
9:30pm Update : This shot was taken before dark at the bottom of the triple at Kmart. Gonna be a good weekend.

Killington tweeted this morning with 8+ inches at Killington Peak, elevation 4,241 and 3″ at 2,500 feet, other reports say 4″ at the top of Stowe, and Accuweather correspondents say Mt. Washington is in full on blizzard with over a foot of blowing snow. The best part is, it’s just getting started. Stratton, Sugarbush and MRG also have all reported snow.

Check out the Bear Mountain Cam on Killington’s website…
Also, it’s the last day to buy K55 tickets, get on it.

Winter Weather

It looks as though we may see this season’s first Nor’ Easter this weekend…..don’t hold me to that though. The Catskills could see some action as well as the Adirondaks and Northern Greens, by action I mean snowflakes. As long as the temperatures cooperate we’re gonna be doing some touring…I’ve added a few weather links:


Famous Internet Skiers


For your viewing pleasure….Freeskier Magazine – Powder Highway ep.9

[Vimeo 12740169]

Igor Part Two – September 21, 2010

This morning was some of the finer surf I’ve seen all season. Hooked up with some boys in Maine and shot so many photos the camera over-heated. It was pumping to say the least, here is a little sample.

Igor Arrives

After a little bit of mis-forecasting on my part, and 36 hours we finally saw some swell. Yesterday was sideshore, semi consistent and head high today was super windy out of the north. Fortunately we saw a little bit more size today, sets this morning as the tide filled in were 2ft overhead plus. Tomorrow morning should still be good, here are a few shots from the last two days.

Igor and Julia

9-16-10 UPDATE
Igor is again intensifying, this morning the storm went through an eyewall replacement cycle, quoted from Jeff Master’s Blog on “By Saturday, much of the East Coast from northern Florida to Cape Cod Massachusetts can expect waves of 3 – 4 meters (10 – 13 feet), causing dangerous rip currents and significant beach erosion.” The Hurricane Hunters have a flight into the storm scheduled for this afternoon, more accurate information to come. GET AMPED! it’s gonna be firing.
Today was the second time in history that there have been two active category 4 hurricanes in the North Atlantic simultaneously, Igor and Julia. Julia is also the first ever category 4 hurricane in that part of the Atlantic. The storm is very far out, but she will be backing up Igor’s swell.
It looks as though we’ll get some serious swell energy from Igor, it’s still about 1,500 miles off the southern coast and moving quite slowly. We may even see some forerunner energy in the water by dark tomorrow night(Thursday). I have a feeling that Friday morning could be still be smaller as the swell fills in and by dark it’ll be head high. The swell will be building on Saturday and these days especially it’s pretty dangerous to be in the water, the swell is going to fill in rapidly, and each set will be bigger. Know your limits, if you’re not going to be comfortable surfing in overhead surf, don’t paddle out. Even if it’s smaller in the morning by mid-day it should be pumping and by dark will be full on 6-8ft.
The swell is most likely going to peak on Sunday night into Monday morning and there will leftovers into the middle of the week. That could be delayed up to 24 hours depending on how slowly this storm moves up the coast. Above is a forecast track from, and the other is a contrast of Southern New Hampshire and Central Maine data, Maine will be the call if the storm stays close (under ~800 miles from the coast) as it picks up that south swell much better.
Keep it locked, I’ll update tomorrow with more on swell period and Hurricane Julia.

Side note : We have some white stuff on the deck at Mount Washington! Could be some more by Saturday morning.


8-13-10 — 8:00pm UPDATE:

Well things are starting to come together. The models are showing that the storm is going to make a pass by the northeast. This should give us long period swell starting on Thursday/Friday and fading out on Wednesday. THAT’S ALMOST A WEEK OF SWELL! Excuse my excitement, I’m stoked to be surfing without the massive amount of tourists. I wanna be able to park at my favorite spot without people parked on the grass and in every illegal place possible. Igor is a Category 4 Hurricane at the moment but is quickly strengthening, another important tidbit is that it’s moving very slowly, that is why the swell is forecasted to stick around so long. We still aren’t clear on wave sizes, don’t go getting your 7″6′ pin all waxed up ’cause as of now it ain’t gonna get that big but we will see some head high+ and it will be much less crowded than the last 5 months. I will also add that we could see swell periods around 17 seconds which means you’ll have to hit up some Google Earth or find your secret spot because it’ll be closin’ the beaches out. A long point or offshore reef will be your best bet. Much more information will be available tomorrow into Wednesday. CHEERS!

Could be some solid swell towards the end of the week. Igor has developed into a Hurricane and will continue to head northwest up the coast. More accurate information will be available tomorrow and in coming days as the storm gets closer. Another tropical storm has developed right behind Igor, Tropical Depression Twelve should have enough room behind Igor to develop on it’s own.


Tropical Storm Igor has formed off of the coast of Africa. We still don’t quite know what it’ll do as it churns closer to the Eastern seaboard but we shall see.


9-2-10 UPDATE
The tropics are really starting to crank, we’ve had storm after storm developing off of Africa and we’ll see these next three active in the North Atlantic over the weekend. Check out this forecast for Earl, Fiona and Gaston. Bring it!

Coastal Low Pressure – 25+ mph winds – Tropics Update

We finally got some swell from this coastal low pressure. It was messy but there were a few gems. Scored lots of video for the third webisode, here are a few pictures.

I’ll also add that Tropical Storm Danielle has just been upgraded to Category 1 Hurricane Danielle. The models are still too far out to bank on, but keep your schedules open for the beginning of next week, we could be looking at nice weather and overhead 16 second interval swell through the start of the week. GET AMPED!

Update: 10:30pm
They have named another storm off the coast of Africa this evening, 96l. The forecast is very up in the air, but looks to be following a similar track to Danielle, check us out tomorrow and there will be more of a detailed update.

This photo shows Danielle followed shortly after by 96l, that image is forecasted for Saturday the 28th, more accurate information will be available as this weekend comes closer.

95l Forms

This morning NHC has officially named the disturbance off of the coast of Africa. 95l will continue to move west northwest for the next 5-7 days and increase in speed from 5-10 knots to 15-20 knots. The models are showing the storm curving towards the East Coast during the last few days of August.

They also mention that in 5-7 days there is another tropical storm forming off of the coast of Virginia and will move northwest towards New England.

Keep your eyes peeled on these two storms, both of which could either die off or build into large named hurricanes, the next of which will be named Danielle. The SSTs (sea surface temperatures) have been at record highs, which is favorable for development of hurricanes. As funny as it may sound, it would be smart to collect water jugs and emergency essentials just incase the worst were to happen. The northeast hasn’t seen a large storm in decades, the last of which I believe was Hurricane Bob in 1991. We are long overdue for a direct hit, and this season seems to be boiling up to be one of the largest in recent history.

Keep it locked.
– Ryman