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Pre-Season | AK to Keystone

Alaska – November 16, 2010

Nick Martini Edit

The Return of PK Hunter

Australis | An Antarctic Ski Odyssey

Chris Davenport and friends head into the Antarctic.

Ski or Surf?

The weather has been nice and the amount of lift served skiing in the Northeast right now is pretty minimal, so it was easy to revert back to taking surf shots. The waves are gone though and it’s time to get back to winter stoke. Hopefully we’ll see some snow on Wednesday into Wednesday night up in the mountains — the big resorts all have approaching opening dates. Here’s a few videos to get back in the mood.

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Storm Chasing page updated as of: 11pm.

Warm Weather

Looks like some warm weather this week, very little chance of snowfall in the hills until Thursday so enjoy the Fall while it lasts. Few videos from around the web.

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Attitash and the ‘Cat

It looks as though Peak Resorts (the company that owns Attitash) has purchased Wildcat Mountain. They mention that passholders will be allowed to ski at either mountain but it wasn’t made clear whether each mountains pass works at the other mountain. It should be interesting to see how this plays out, the ‘cat is over 4,000′ and has 2,100’ vert. They regularly get pummeled by the same storms that crush Mt. Washington. Heres a few news links for the buy-out.

Wildcat Vid

Red Bull Illume

I’ve been keeping an eye on this competition for a few months now. Red Bull seems to have their hand in every action sport niche in existence.

Weather Update

The Storm Chasing page has been updated for this weekend’s upcoming Nor’ Easter, check it out on the menu above.
In lieu of the upcoming storm I found an old Bolton Valley POV video (not HD sry). These guys are rad though.
The Alpine-Live team was up at Bolton a ton last year and we pretty much thought we had the place on lockdown. Well aparently not, but these guys do….check out Devil’s Playground.