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Stowe | November 28, 2010

Went up to Stowe last night, might have been a little bit antsy to ski but went for it regardless. We were expecting to see some rough roads on the way up and decided the evening drive would be better than super early morning. After an eventful evening of looking for gas at 2am in desolate Waterbury, VT and trekking up to the Bolton base lodge with 0 miles ’til empty — we reached the Stowe lot. They received about 4″ of snow from the small lake-effect event the day before and the wind was blowing it around pretty well. Unfortunately we slept in (nothing to do with the bud light before bed) waking late and coughing up the outrageous $59 dollars for a day ticket. After about 10 runs with Lucas’ new GoPro HD we decided to take a little tour across to the Gondi side. It was windy and overcast so the photos didn’t come out great but the HD helmet cam is insane! SO stoked to have it, we’ll have something up soon.

November | First Half Recap

November has been a good month, snow and surf wise. We’re currently experiencing one of the longest swells NH has seen since last Winter and there has been some significant snowfall in the higher elevations. We still have a 4-6″ snow pack atop Mt. Mansfield–It’s bulletproof ice but hopefully it’ll stick out this warm spell. Here is a few shots from the first half of November.

VT | Part 3

October 31, 2010 – Stowe Mountain Resort

photo: L. Van Oss

Dylan Thompson | The Arena

10:30pm – bed for 4:00am journey north.