Coastal Low Pressure – 25+ mph winds – Tropics Update

We finally got some swell from this coastal low pressure. It was messy but there were a few gems. Scored lots of video for the third webisode, here are a few pictures.

I’ll also add that Tropical Storm Danielle has just been upgraded to Category 1 Hurricane Danielle. The models are still too far out to bank on, but keep your schedules open for the beginning of next week, we could be looking at nice weather and overhead 16 second interval swell through the start of the week. GET AMPED!

Update: 10:30pm
They have named another storm off the coast of Africa this evening, 96l. The forecast is very up in the air, but looks to be following a similar track to Danielle, check us out tomorrow and there will be more of a detailed update.

This photo shows Danielle followed shortly after by 96l, that image is forecasted for Saturday the 28th, more accurate information will be available as this weekend comes closer.

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