Post Christmas Blizzard | Sunapee?

Well it ain’t VT but it’ll do! Went up to Sunapee! today….got up really late and joined up with Ryan Dunfee of SASS Global Travel and his buddy Rob who we will call Henrik for all intents and purposes.It was a tough decision this morning – we heard Cannon got close to 20″ overnight and it was still nuking and Magic was supposed to get around 30″ by this evening. It was a crap shoot and we just went for the hill with the best base snowpack and located closest to the larger totals. Bruce, the Marketing Director over at Sunapee was kind enough to hook us up with some day passes as well as drop a rope for our arrival. Unfortunately my DSLR is still at the Nikon factory getting rebuilt but I did bring along the trusty GoBro. Enjoy! Oh ya — get out there!

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