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Mantana | January 9, 2011

Well today was day 5 in Bozeman, pretty stoked to have an edit for each day of this vacation. I started off just making two on consecutive days and realized that I was going to be collecting a ton of footy, why not just post one a day? Here is a little screenshot sequence from this afternoon. Each passing day is the best day I’ve ever skied.
It’s getting a little tough finding music, we get our music from the Podsafe Music Network, or These site (both the same essentially) are royalty free and make finding music less stressful. I could spend much more time searching through that network than editing footage though. I still have that permanent grin on my face from today, finally we got to see a little bit of sun. The 1″ that Bridger reported overnight was more like 4″ at Slushman’s. Check the posts below for information on the Slushman’s lift. Enjoy the edit, I think it’s our best yet….

Holidays in Vail | Lucas

Unfortunately Lucas isn’t out in Mantana to enjoy the powder but he did just return from Vail for the holidays. It also looks like there’s a little bit of pow back home, some places in CT were reporting 17″. A lot of people don’t know there is good skiing south of NH/VT, you just gotta know where to look. Before I left for Bozeman we scoped some amazing stuff up in the Whites, super stoked to get back up there once I’m home. Check out the part 2 edit of Lucas’s Vail holiday vacation in the meantime.