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Snoe.Down. | March 25-28, 2011

Moe. weekend at Killington. Saving this spot for a later post.

Note: Lucas and I would like to give a special thanks to Bill and Joe from Swany gloves, they went above and beyond on this adventure to make it as productive as possible – could not have even experienced this weekend without them. Also a thanks to Hal from HK Entertainment, Hal got us the Moe. interview as well as got our cameras into the show both nights despite strict regulations and guidelines – THANK YOU HAL AND SWANY!

During our off-time we got some turns in at Killington, the umptillionth pow turn of the season.
Gas Station Chicken. This was one angry chicken, it chased me to my car at the gas station, the owner told us he was waiting until the kindergarten class came for a field trip and then he’s gonna kill it.