Montana | Winter 2010-2011

Looks like we may have a little bump coming in the swell forecast but I’m not going to talk about it because I’ll get disappointed when there is 2 ft wind chop on Friday.
I thought I would reflect on a great winter, unfortunately I still have terrible shin bang from 90 days in my cheapo ski boots. Some may not know that I took a 20 day adventure out to Bozeman, MT in January of this year and had a blast. We didn’t get much sun but there was new snow almost every night — check out some of the POV I brought back down below. Soon after Montana we stopped getting lazy and used the helmet mount and then upgraded to the backpack mount which is a bit steadier.
We will be back to surfing content on Wednesday.
Chest Mount

Silly deep day, surely one of the best days of my life.



The liftline shot at the end, but a few months previous — check out the stump I hit towards the end, I think I closely avoided serious injury…Lucas wasn’t so lucky, a few weeks later he pulled his hamstring on this same section and was off skis for two weeks.

Lastly, a message from Ralph.

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