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Usually, when a beer distribution plant is closed down, it’s a sad day. Not so for skaters in Nashua – the old Budweiser distribution warehouse has recently been renovated and turned into a 25,000 square foot indoor park. This place has everything from a “kids” section to some Danny Way style drops. Having seen the other skate parks around the area – it was refreshing to see a professional indoor setup for everyone – for once, that wasn’t made entirely of sand piles and “QuikCrete.” It’s a couple bucks to skate and the cost is well worth it. That same weekend back on the Seacoast, I met up with Ryan and Andrew down at the Salisbury park for a mellow session after work. A couple other kids came out and just dismantled this little park, and quite honestly showed the rest of us up with ease. Here is a taste of what The Granite Skate has to offer.

Flashback | 11-6-10

This week we’ll be posting photos of the 2010 hurricane season, hopefully this season is as potent as the last. This day was super overcast but I got to shoot my favorite surf spots. At this point last year most people were searching for uncrowded spots because it was such a busy season. The second photo is, for the most part, an overflow spot – I only know a few guys who surf this place regularly, one is a local shop owner – the other moved to CA.