The Waiting Game – Chapter 2 | Irene

Firstly I’d like to send our condolences to the people effected by Irene’s flooding in VT and NY – before complaining about the over-hyped storm think about the historical buildings that were swept away and one of our favorite resort’s lodge which was destroyed.
All hype aside, the ocean was a mess yesterday…a 40′ sailboat washed up on the rocks at Rye Harbor, I heard about people being arrested for surfing in MA, Pros getting tickets for surfing down in Maryland, I even heard about a shark attack at Ruggles?
Gotta’ love all the drama, when I woke up this morning I was half expecting double overhead and messy but instead head high at best and brisk offshores. I spent a long time traveling and scoping but also scored lots of usable footage. That big day we’ve been waiting for is coming, currently there is a disturbance headed towards the EC right now – will this be the one? Fingers crossed for Katia.
Today wasn’t a complete loss – As I’m walking out to shoot at a far-away break today I hear something rustling in the bushes, I stayed clear because I thought I saw the tail of a dog and there wasn’t a dog owner anywhere in sight. I took another 30 or so steps and stopped to set my tripod and camera up. Turned out waves were terrible and I met up with my friend Mike and headed back to the car – as we walked back I told him I had seen a black dog in the bushes, he stopped and then quickly sped off and mentioned that he had heard the thing. After getting a few steps away from the area I looked back and it had exited the bushes, not a dog but a f’ing TURKEY, stuck between ocean and cliff.

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