Weekend Low & Hurricane Katia

Well I hope everyone made it down to the beach this weekend, I know the entire province of Quebec was there. It’s been out of control and crowded all summer, interesting how it’s much less stress sitting on the beach filming.

Looks like Katia is going to bring us some waves, I saw 5ft at 11 seconds for Wed-Thurs, that could be real solid for the North East, looks like the WCT guys are stoked too – they’re down in Long Beach, NY for the Quiksilver Pro New York. Pretty stoked to see pros getting barreled this close to home.

The Waiting Game – Chapter Four is a work in progress, going to wait and see what Katia brings before I do any rendering, I’ve been tirelessly working on figuring out Twixtor’s super slow mo settings and hopefully I’ll have it figured out by then. In the meantime, check out some photos from this weekend.
This shot of Jared above has taken me over two years to finally capture. As the sun goes down the light sneaks through the spaces between the houses at North Beach and occasionally makes these light sections on the wave, a few times I’ve gotten a shot of Casey within inches of the sweet spot but they just weren’t good enough. It all came together with this one.

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