Hampton in September

I’ve been skating a bunch lately after work for some exercise and it became pretty clear to me that skateboarding in Hampton hasn’t changed much since I started skating there back in middle school. A lot of the same crew with a ton of new faces mixed in and plenty of new features. I’ve been bringing the GoPro down there, that turned into bringing the whole rig down and I sorta got carried away. Here is what I put together – a short movie on the Hampton skatepark this September.

Thanks for watching, we don’t get to thank the viewers enough – it’s awesome meeting new people and hearing that they’ve seen the site. When we started this website last year I wasn’t even sure if we would get real exposure and well, we aren’t where I’d like to be yet, but we’ve come a long way – thanks to you.

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything & thought I would look through some of my latest surf footage to see what was useable. Short & Sweet but nothing compares to New England in the Fall, especially if there’s swells. Just like Ryan said, We really do appreciate all the people who’ve given us feedback on the site & we’re super stoked for what the future has in store for us and what we’ll be bringing you in the coming winter months, so stay tuned!

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