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Day Two

Day two started early, especially after hitting the High West Distillery for some primo whiskey & grub the night before. Spent most of the day over at Deer Valley where the sun was out in full force (not helpful for my hangover) & so were the crowds for some pre-Christmas laps. That didn’t stop us from poaching some nice boot-deep powder off piste. The snow was pure Wasatch fluff, where you could find it. But as the day wore on; the crowds diminished, and so did the stamina in my legs. Before hitting the hot tub for a much needed soak, I got a hold of santa for some apres ski action. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you, from all of us at Alpine Live!


Flew into Salt Lake City last night, just in time for one of SLC’s fabled sunsets was a pretty damn good start to my Utah trip. Today we hit Park City Resort – but with the lack of snow Utah’s seeing this season, and no storms in sight, we stuck to the groomers and ducked a few ropes to find some real snow. Either way I was just stoked to see some snow, get to ride, and of course some Apres. My sister and mom both have a twinge of altitude sickness; needless to say I went out solo and have a ton of footage from the first day alone, so an edit will be a little farther out – but here’s some shots & shenanigans from my first couple days in Ootah.