Bolton Valley | The Storm of the Year

You could stop at any given moment during the day on Sunday and hear nothing but hoots and screams of joy. After two full days of wind hold on their summit lifts, Sunday brought light winds under bluebird skies. The perfect day, 30″ of light blower powder, sun and good company. We will continue to sort through photos and video and release them throughout the week. Here is a start.

Thanks to Bolton Patrol for being awesome, also Brett and Jenny Walker, Jason Plouffe, Luke Ingram, Ryan Flynn, Nick Wilkins and Drew for being our models for the weekend.

Nick Wilkins – Bolton Valley Park Manager getting it done. Photo: Lucas Van Oss

Brett Walker slaying pillows inbounds – two days after the storm.

Luke Ingram – unfortunately this one has soft focus because I’m incompetent, crushing it.

Ryan Denning – Photo: Lucas Van Oss

Nick Wilkins – Nosebutter 360 – how’s that feature?

Lucas is 6’3, just for a reference point. This photo is awesome…crisp and focused all the way into his face.

That’s it for now, stay tuned!

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