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Fischer Freeride Team Silverton, CO Trip

This past March I had the amazing opportunity to visit Silverton, Colorado and film with the boys from Fischer Skis. We were expecting some really warm conditons with a freeze-thaw each morining but were pleasantly suprised to find some soft stuff, all thanks to our amazing guide Alex Hunt. We did have some technical difficulties, what would a ski trip be without something going wrong?

All and all, lots of fun and a huge learning experience for me. Got to shoot with some high end Canon HDSLRs, met the town wolf-dog, traveled the ice boot pack at 13,000ft and got crispified by the sun but it was incredible none-the-less. Thanks to Matt Berkowitz over at Fischer for getting me involved and all of the atheletes for being so patient with us. Have a look at what I came up with….