May 11, 2012 | Part One

Some fun surf came through today, I got 30 minutes to shoot before work and about an hour after. I had forgotten that the big lens wasn’t cooperating lately – the auto focus wasn’t working. Well, manual focus sucks but it’s a challenge and I need to learn to shoot without it. Personally, with the Nikon DLSR it seems to be much more of a challenge with video – the live view screen is SHITE compared to the eye piece but maybe it’s just me. Have a look at what I came up with…

Above: The one and only Mr. Ralph Fatello.

Above: Unknown around 9:30am at The Wall – wow did it look fun.

Above: Another unknown surfer, thinking maybe Sashi? Who has yellow paint on their nose?

Above: A little taste of what’s to come, Toby Parke into a nice almond shaped barrel.

Above: Toby Parke, layback.

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