The Yakovleff Project | Teaser

Some fun little waves came through this weekend, looks like it’ll stick around through the morning today – hope everybody got their surf fix!

We’ve been busy lately working on a variety of video projects, in our free time we’ve been shooting with Sasha Yakovleff…a college buddy who works at Burke Mountain in the winter as a ski coach and runs the outdoor bike park at Rye Airfield in the summer. Sash is super easy to work with and it’s been a real pleasure getting out on his trails and seeing how much work he puts into these jumps. We’re stoked to release this little trailer for a short film that will be released mid-July, titled ‘The Yakovleff Project’. This film will feature Sasha riding on his personal trail systems as well as urban and bike park settings. Enjoy!

In coming weeks we’ll also be releasing some of our most recent corporate projects, stay tuned!

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