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FINALLY! I can ski something other than man made snow cone b/s. Made the drive up to VT to meet up with Jason and his buddy Dwight. Bolton had a inch or two on the ground before the 8″ that fell overnight, just enough to cover the grass. It looks like Stowe and Jay may have done a little bit better as far as snow totals go but it was still an excellent day. My journey started at the bottom of Timberline and ended about 3/4 the way up Cobrass, along the way I met up with Jay and Dwight and we pushed forward…hoping that the wind had deposited the snow up there. After bushwhacking, PBR (thanks Jay!) and getting poached by two snowboarders, we started the descent.

Conclusion: We need more snow, not much…but we need more snow. Here is a visual account of what happened.