The Yakovleff Project

We’re happy to finally release The Yakovleff Project, a video we’ve been working on with our college buddy Sasha Yakovleff for almost a year now. Sasha is everywhere, he’s a ski coach in Vermont, he’s a ski rep., he’s the Rye Airfield Bike Park Manager and he’s a professional mountain biker. Take a look at what we’ve created with him. Shot entirely in the state of New Hampshire, we film Sasha shredding his hand-built trails, the Rye Airfield Bike Park and the legendary Highland Mountain Bike Park. Enjoy, share and thank you for checking out Alpine Live.

The Yakovleff Project from Ryan Denning on Vimeo.

On another note, last week we ventured into the VT Backcountry and were rewarded with some of the best skiing we’ve ever had! It looks like it’s been snowing basically non-stop since we left on Thursday afternoon so we’re amped to get the skins dried out and get back up there. It’s finally winter in Vermont!!!

A parting shot, from the fair-weather surf photographer. Happy New Year!

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