Yoga Lady and Lady Slippers

There were a few waves this morning, the beach was really humid and muggy – I didn’t even see the sun til’ sometime around 1pm. When I pulled up I saw two things, a waist high wave that looked really fun.And this woman, who obviously wanted everyone to see her super yoga techniques or cross fit or whatever she’s doing. Please, keep it up – all 119 longboarder fellas from our neighbors to the North were really enjoying it. I really enjoy taking landscape photos like sunsets and wide angle ocean shots but I rarely find myself shooting macro images like this one below. This is a close-up of a flower called the Lady Slipper – it was once thought to be extinct but is now protected from team rider Casey Denning and a 20″ brown trout from Hebgen Lake in Montana.

We save the best for last — Lucas has been capturing some amazing sunset photography lately, pretty stoked he caught a few of this guy fishing down in Salisbury, MA.

Mantana | Downdays

We have had some really warm weather these last few days in Southern Montana. Needless to say there hasn’t been much skiing going on, so what are some things to do during these off days:
-Drink beer, the same sport as the East coast with a much more expensive taste.
-Browse ski shops, some seriously awesome gear in a ski town such as Bozeman.
-Boiling river, haven’t been down yet but hopefully this week.
-Fly fishing, I’m more of a saltwater spinning reel fisherman but Casey is really into fly fishing.
Temperatures finally dropped below freezing about an hour ago for the first time in a few days. Bridger is reporting an inch but word is there was at least 4-5″ at last chair. The drunk and delerious weather forecasters are continuing to predict 1-3″ overnight for the next few nights — the same forecast as the last 5 nights with no avail. We are located in South Western Montana, at the edge of the purple cloud that is directly off of the pointed angle in North-Western Wyoming.
Casey and Andrew went out for a little fly fishing today and Casey nabbed a 9″ trout, unfortunately the GoPro ran out of batteries for the fish. Back to Bridger tomorrow hopefully, fingers crossed.

Misc. – Coming home on Saturday, it looks like the East Coast mountains are getting bombed again tomorrow. Unfortunately the Nikon camera that I sent in for maintenance was sent back in peices, they couldn’t fix the camera and we’re sh*t out of luck. I’m looking into the D3100 with it’s full HD and continuous auto focus. Stay tuned!

Fishin’ & Big Lines

Some good ol’ fly fishing.

JD Hare | Ivory Shoulder

Bonus Jay Deep Turns

Kaya Turski Season Edit

Loveland Edit

Float Tube Fishing