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Fishin’ & Big Lines

Some good ol’ fly fishing.

JD Hare | Ivory Shoulder

Bonus Jay Deep Turns

Kaya Turski Season Edit

Loveland Edit

Sick Jay Edit, seriously low angle though

Paulie Bergeron throws down

The new Faction skis

The Lodge Theory | Backcountry Ops in the Northeast?

Information is still leaking out but it looks as though SASS Global Travel has reached out to a group in Northern Kingdom of VT this season and is providing backcountry tours up in the Jay Peak area. They’re calling it The Lodge Theory, we’ve seen a few shots of the zone and it looks pretty promising, the skiers and guides are skilled and the terrain looks just like Northern VT always does – steep, exposed and deep (on occasion).

For more information and to check out their photos see the SASS Global Travel page on FB: