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Jibba Jabba Rail Jam

Went over to the Jibba Jabba Rail Jam today @ Rye Airfield — put on by our partner Granite Gorge as well as Steeze, SASS and some of our other friends. They had an awesome setup that they had built the night before, drying out the ice supply across the Seacoast including everything Exeter and Dover Arenas could put forth.

The Lodge Theory | Backcountry Ops in the Northeast?

Information is still leaking out but it looks as though SASS Global Travel has reached out to a group in Northern Kingdom of VT this season and is providing backcountry tours up in the Jay Peak area. They’re calling it The Lodge Theory, we’ve seen a few shots of the zone and it looks pretty promising, the skiers and guides are skilled and the terrain looks just like Northern VT always does – steep, exposed and deep (on occasion).

For more information and to check out their photos see the SASS Global Travel page on FB: