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Winter is coming….

There will be some cold temps up in the Adirondacks and Greens on Wednesday night with the chance of precipitation in the snow form above ~4500ft. It will still be weeks until we see the slopes starting to discuss openings but keep your eye on the temperatures up in the mountains, it won’t be long before we can earn some turns.
Here is a shot of Casey Denning (alpine-live team rider) at Alta last winter. GET AMPED!


8-13-10 — 8:00pm UPDATE:

Well things are starting to come together. The models are showing that the storm is going to make a pass by the northeast. This should give us long period swell starting on Thursday/Friday and fading out on Wednesday. THAT’S ALMOST A WEEK OF SWELL! Excuse my excitement, I’m stoked to be surfing without the massive amount of tourists. I wanna be able to park at my favorite spot without people parked on the grass and in every illegal place possible. Igor is a Category 4 Hurricane at the moment but is quickly strengthening, another important tidbit is that it’s moving very slowly, that is why the swell is forecasted to stick around so long. We still aren’t clear on wave sizes, don’t go getting your 7″6′ pin all waxed up ’cause as of now it ain’t gonna get that big but we will see some head high+ and it will be much less crowded than the last 5 months. I will also add that we could see swell periods around 17 seconds which means you’ll have to hit up some Google Earth or find your secret spot because it’ll be closin’ the beaches out. A long point or offshore reef will be your best bet. Much more information will be available tomorrow into Wednesday. CHEERS!

Could be some solid swell towards the end of the week. Igor has developed into a Hurricane and will continue to head northwest up the coast. More accurate information will be available tomorrow and in coming days as the storm gets closer. Another tropical storm has developed right behind Igor, Tropical Depression Twelve should have enough room behind Igor to develop on it’s own.

Armada JJ

Lucas picked up some new skis today. 185 Armada JJs with Marker Duke bindings. We’re officially going to be getting into the deep this winter.

Wells crash kills two

Today is September 11, 2010….a day that has become one of saddest days in recent American History. As Seacoast families mourn the tragic loss of the deceased in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, there has been another heartbreaking incident to add to today’s date that will not soon be forgotten. At 12:40 this morning there was a terrible accident in Wells, ME killing two boys ages 15 and 16.
The vehicle carrying the two boys hit a bump, went airborne and slid into a tree. They were extracted using the jaws of life, Austin Dykes, 15, died on the scene and Christian Lumenello, 16, was flown to Maine Medical and was pronounced dead at 3:00am. Thoughts and prayers go out to their family and friends from our family here at Alpine-Live.


Tropical Storm Igor has formed off of the coast of Africa. We still don’t quite know what it’ll do as it churns closer to the Eastern seaboard but we shall see.

More from the last two weeks

Casey Sequence 8-30-10

New Logo!

Thanks to our graphic design brain we have a new logo for the tees this weekend.