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Sunday River | OPEN

So Sunday River opened today and they’re the first open on the East Coast 4 seasons in a row. They’re actually the first resort open for the season in the country.
I’m gonna go ahead and assume they opened today just in case some other heavy hitter EC resort opened for tomorrow (cough cough, Killington). So Kmart got swindled but I don’t think they were planning on opening up anyways. More importantly Killington got a pummeling this afternoon for about 2 hours. It looked like they got covered pretty well up top and we’re headed up in a few hours to do a little moonlit skinning.

Enough babble heres some stoke, we’ll have our own posted tomorrow evenin’.

Alaska – Full Length

The full-length movie from Doom/Love and Butteryfresh….enjoy.

New Forum Flick

The new Forum movie will be playing at the Music Hall, Tomorrow (Saturday Night) @ 7pm…be sure to check it out! Here is the Flyer..

forum flyer