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Dendrite Studios

Dendrite Perspectives
Jake Cohn edit, he’s also a Discrete rider. Check out their product line at

Perspectives #4 -GoPro HD

Random Find – Revvy Powder

Salomon Freeski | S4 – Episode 4

Some amazing camerawork here, not sure what they’re using but I’d guess it’s an Arri or the Red One….some new Salomon skis in here too, check them out on the Salomon website. Mike Douglas has been raving about them on his facebook page.
Episode 4

Episode 3 – Chamonix steeps – even better than #4

Warm Weather

Looks like some warm weather this week, very little chance of snowfall in the hills until Thursday so enjoy the Fall while it lasts. Few videos from around the web.

Surface Team Edit

Eric Pollard Self Edit

Chris Turpin Self Edits