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Holy Dub 16

More from Peak Performance. Yup.

Candide Camera 2 | Oldie

Last season Candide came out with these two edits that blew my mind. This is the second of the two I believe and it’s still just as sick as it was the first click. Some say this was the most anticipated edit of the season last year, see for yourself. We couldn’t quite find the best version to embed so I’m gonna embed the youtube version and then link the epic version.

The Lodge Theory | Backcountry Ops in the Northeast?

Information is still leaking out but it looks as though SASS Global Travel has reached out to a group in Northern Kingdom of VT this season and is providing backcountry tours up in the Jay Peak area. They’re calling it The Lodge Theory, we’ve seen a few shots of the zone and it looks pretty promising, the skiers and guides are skilled and the terrain looks just like Northern VT always does – steep, exposed and deep (on occasion).

For more information and to check out their photos see the SASS Global Travel page on FB:

TSP – Come Find Us | Mantana to the fullest

I just finished watching Toy Soldier Production’s new movie Come Find Us. The film has been shot 100% in Montana and features all young, up and coming, progressive riders. There is a lot of park footage considering they’re hailing from an area with some of the best powder in the world, but it’s easy for me to say that while sitting here on the EC with our limited resources. It’s surely the best park skiing I’ve ever witnessed.

Check out the Trailer….