The New Year

Well, I’m finally on my way.. sitting in this god forsaken rocketship of death, cameraless I may add — en route to Bozeman. I will highlight cameraless because I’ve gone the last year pretty much glued to the DSLR and now that it’s gone I feel like I’ve lost my child or something. With little to do, strapped in — I cannot wait until this stewardess brings the cart by so I can purchase a 9 dollar Heiniken and drift off into this influenza cave.
On another note, Roberto jus returned from Alta…actually we’re crossing paths both leaving respective locations at almost the same time. Rob saw some pretty blustery temps out there in Little Cottonwood Canyon as well as some serious POW. Stoked for Rob — here is a little sample of what he’s been doing.

I’m out, beers here – looks like Bridger Bowl could see some flakes over the coming days…GoPro at the ready (argghh) we will be blasting off with steep, deep and exposed stuff right off the bat. Stay tuned and enjoy – hopefully will be posting daily.

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