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Monday Night

Some fun surf came through the wall this evening, take a look…

Yoga Lady and Lady Slippers

There were a few waves this morning, the beach was really humid and muggy – I didn’t even see the sun til’ sometime around 1pm. When I pulled up I saw two things, a waist high wave that looked really fun.And this woman, who obviously wanted everyone to see her super yoga techniques or cross fit or whatever she’s doing. Please, keep it up – all 119 longboarder fellas from our neighbors to the North were really enjoying it. I really enjoy taking landscape photos like sunsets and wide angle ocean shots but I rarely find myself shooting macro images like this one below. This is a close-up of a flower called the Lady Slipper – it was once thought to be extinct but is now protected from team rider Casey Denning and a 20″ brown trout from Hebgen Lake in Montana.

We save the best for last — Lucas has been capturing some amazing sunset photography lately, pretty stoked he caught a few of this guy fishing down in Salisbury, MA.