Rock The Boat | June 8, 2011

We had an excellent journey out to sea yesterday on Bob’s sea ship “Rock The Boat” named after it’s previous owner Rocky who sold Bob the boat. It didn’t turn out to be as hot as predicted but we still had a blast – caught a few mackerel and a nice buzz. Joined by Adam and his new puppy Sebastian, we went south from Rye to the ledge off of Costello’s and threw on the jig – literally seconds after dropping it into the water the thing was full of fish. Bob went ahead and tried using the macky for the rest of the afternoon but nothing bit. It’s surprising how few lobster traps are in the water this time of year, there were spots where you couldn’t even see a trap…a few weeks from now we won’t be able to make a trip without hitting a few.
In other news: Lucas picked up a new drylin slider, it’s incredibly smooth and secures to the top of his tripod. It’s going to produce some awesome stuff but now I feel like I have to buy something…leaning towards the Nikkor 35mm 1.8G.

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