Looking Back | Winter 2010/2011

We had an all-time winter last year, I only wish I was in the same shape that I was last April. We’ve got our eyes on a little system that could bring some white stuff to the Northern Kingdom towards the beginning of next week. Check out some photos taken by our own Andy Madea.

This photo is from a trip Andy and I took up towards Cannon last season, we had our eyes on some terrain right off of the highway and just couldn’t find a good route up to the summit. Lookers right of this photo is a place called “Eagle Cliff” – a Peak just to the North of Lafayette I believe. That one is still on the hit list for this season.

Left hand side of this photo is the dreaded “Dutchess” – just ask Lucas about this one.

She looks much more tame than she really is, again, just ask Lucas.

A beautiful Nightscape from Andy at Mt. Bachelor in Oregon.

Just before detonation. This grey pro-shell he has on now has a 5″ burn hole in the back.

Photography by Andy Madea

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