First Nor’easter | Part 2

With all of the Nor’easter talk this week we’ve been looking forward to getting back on the snow. Got up at 4am today with Lucas and headed North on VT-89.
We heard that Killington still had snow to the parking lot but only 15″ up top and we heard that Stowe got hammered with 25″ inches at the summit but there was a 1,500ft snowline (down-hike on the way out). After a long discussion we came to the agreement that Stowe would be a better choice. More choices, better terrain and a more relaxed earn-your-own-turns and skinning policy.
Stowe has some seriously savage terrain above the Gondi summit. We didn’t head up today because the coverage just isn’t good enough yet but we’re heading back up as soon as the pow comes. Here’s a few shots from today, unfortunately the snow was pretty bad, super wet and pretty sun baked, video to be posted later this week.

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